Many conscientious consumers want cleaning products that perform well without causing undue harm to the environment (or the pocketbook).  Here are some simple, old-time cleaner/stain removal solutions to consider – but be sure to consult mixing instructions, and always test remedies on safe, inconspicuous areas.

White Vinegar – When diluted with water, it can be used to deodorize and disinfect cookware, counter tops, sinks, tubs and toilets (avoid marble and tile grout).  Its odor does not linger.

Baking Soda – When mixed with water, this mild powder can remove stains from pots and pans, oven glass, refrigerator interiors, stovetops and tile.

Lemon Juice – It can be safely used to lighten stains and cut grease. It also cleans tarnished brass, copper, bronze and aluminum. (Do not use on silver)

Glycerine – As a natural emulsifier, it can be mixed with oil-based stains and other compounds to help “lift” them off a surface.

Hydrogen Peroxide – When diluted, it is a mild alternative to chlorine bleach and can be used for stain removal and mild bleaching of natural fabrics.