When your children finally leave home, you’ll be presented with a variety of unexpected challenges.  It’s easy though to spin this major life change into a positive growth experience.

Many empty nesters opt to sell their homes and buy smaller properties in order to free up capital and reduce maintenance costs.  There are however some important points to keep in mind.  Here are a few tips for homeowners wishing to downsize:

  • condos are great for travelers as there’s very little maintenance
  • consider living downtown if you’d like to be “part of the action”
  • plan ahead for the years when stairs will become a challenge
  • be sure your new abode has room for future grandchildren!

If you’re not quite ready to sell up and move on, consider transforming an old bedroom into your very own personal retreat.  Select the room with the best outdoor view, remove the bed, paint the room a relaxing shade and bring in a few comfortable chairs.  Now you’ll have a spot to call your own where you can do whatever you please!

Empty nesters tend to travel often so you’ll want to consider updating your security features.  Make sure the locks on all your doors and windows are working and that the outside doors are hinged from the inside.  Finally, ask a friend or the person next door to park in your driveway and collect the mail while you’re away.

It’s a big adjustment when the kids leave home so take your time and don’t make any rash decisions.  You may find it difficult at first but it’s a great opportunity to pursue new hobbies!  Just make sure you turn your new found freedom into a positive experience by viewing it as an opportunity to focus on yourself.