There’s nothing better than buying a brand new home. Not only does a new build award you the opportunity to put your own stamp on things – with your own choice of finishes and upgrades – but you also have the luxury of being the very first to experience that new house smell.

Buying a new home, however, is different than buying a resale – and there are certain things to be aware of as you head into the commitment:
–    When buying a resale home, you’d typically sign a standard form of Agreement of Purchase and Sale. With a new build, there’s no such standard form. Most builders prepare their own agreements so it’s important that you read yours thoroughly – and have a lawyer look it over as well. Clarify as many details as possible.

–    When it comes to financing, many builders will offer you a deal through their financial institution – likely accompanied by a few incentives. It’s important to know that you don’t have to use the builder’s lender. Be sure to shop around – or utilize the services of a mortgage broker – to see if there are better rates to be had, or a better mortgage to suit your personal needs.

–    When acquiring financing, it’s also important to make sure that your lender’s mortgage commitment meets your specific time frames. A pre-sale home can take a long time to be built – the last thing you would want is for your lender’s mortgage commitment to expire before the actual closing date.

–     Read up on your builder before signing on the dotted line. If the company is notorious for extensive delays, broken promises or buildings that stray far from the written plan, you can likely find that information on the Internet.

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