If you’re in a hot sellers’ market, it can be tempting for home buyers to put in more attractive offers by waiving the all-important home inspection.

While it’s a risky endeavour, many home buyers justify it by saying that home inspections can’t catch every problem anyway. There’s a bit of truth to this thinking – all one has to do is watch a couple episodes of Holmes on Homes to get an idea of some of the glaring problems home inspectors can sometimes miss.

That being said, it’s probably better to have a home inspection that misses a couple things rather than no home inspection at all. And while it’s true that home inspectors don’t have X-ray vision – and therefore can’t look behind walls and under floors – there are a number things that they can catch, including:

– Knob and tube wiring

– Old electrical systems

– Galvanized plumbing (that’s prone to rusting, leaking and plugging)

– Roofs in need of repair

– Crumbling foundations

– Windows in need of replacement

– Moisture

– Air leakage

– Insufficient insulation

In all likelihood, your real estate agent probably has a home inspector that they can refer you to. It’s still a wise idea to do your research and potentially talk to past clients, just to find out what kind of service they provide. You might also want to see if they’ve been reviewed on HomeStars.com.

Protect your home investment by doing your research and finding a reputable home inspector. It will likely save you a lot of headaches down the road.