Now that the long-weekend has come and gone, gardening season has officially begun! Whether you’re a beginner, lack a green thumb all together or are just, er, lazy, it’s still possible to have a beautiful outdoor space without a lot of work. Below are a few low-maintenance plants that will add colour to your garden without a lot of doting. You just have to decide if the area you’re planning on landscaping is considered “full sunlight”? or “shade”:

Full Sunlight

1) Daylilies

These flowers need at least six hours of sun per day. They open at sunrise and wither at sunset –  and have a brand new bloom the next day. With a little research, you can find the species that’s right for you – some of them last from spring until autumn.

2) Sunflowers

Is anything say “summer”? better than a sunflower in full bloom? These flowers are pretty easy to grow – they just need lots of sunlight, and lots of room for their roots to grow deep and wide.


1) Forget-Me-Nots

These perennials are the gift that keep on giving. They don’t require a lot of attention – they just need moist soil and perhaps a general purpose fertilizer once or twice a season.

2) Bellflower

These vibrant purple flowers require low sunlight and little water – can they be any easier to maintain? They bloom in late June/early July.

3) Hosta

Think of this plant as a two-in-one – not only does it leave your garden looking beautiful (with little maintenance), but it’s leaves grow so close to the ground that they crowd out most weeds. Bonus!