Home Buying Tips from the pros

If you’re in the market for a new home, you may want to check out this article in the Washington Post. Written by a real estate investor, it’s full of useful tips. Below are a few highlights:

– Don’t feel pressure to find the “perfect”? home. You only need to commit to a home for a few years, if you buy right.

– Buying “right” means making sure that your home will be able to meet your needs over the next five years or so. Affordability should be number one (and we’re not just talking mortgage payments here – you also have to consider taxes, insurance, maintenance fees and utilities). Next up? Family size, lifestyle and profession.

– Whatever you do, don’t overpay for a home. Look at comparable sales – and don’t even try to project the future value.

– If a home has a new roof or new insulation, but still has its original kitchen cupboards, don’t discount it. Cupboards are a lot easier (and cheaper) to replace.