Decorating with Pinterest

Gone are the days when you needed to clip and file magazine photos when looking for decorating inspiration. Thanks to Pinterest, all this can be done online. Still, if you’re familiar with Pinterest at all, you know that it’s not immune to clutter and disorganization. Here are some ways to combat that:

Give your boards detailed names. If you’re collecting images for your living room, call it Living Room. If you’re looking for hardwood floors or paint colours that you like, create boards for those as well. Get as detailed as you can so you can find your fave features without too much digging around.

Add detailed descriptions. Every time you pin a picture, you have the opportunity to write something about it – take advantage of this opportunity. Even if it’s just for your reference, highlight exactly what it is about the photo that you like.

Follow people you like. Don’t feel obligated to follow every designer under the sun. Fill your Pinterest feed with people that you like, so you’re not stuck wading through styles that just aren’t you.