Who to call when you are ready to renovate!

1) Friends and family

Chances are, someone in your immediate circle has had some renovations done to their home – so ask around and pick their brains! Ask them about the process involved, the permits required, as well as their opinions of any contractors that they employed. The more people you talk to, the better understanding you’re going to have of the feat ahead of you.

2) Design professionals

Even if you’re planning to tackle a project on your own, it doesn’t hurt to learn about the value a professional can offer – just a few phone calls or website visits can shed a bit of much-needed light on the process. Some companies, like this one , offer architectural and permit drawing services, and can help you quote the cost of a project. Many municipal jurisdictions require these drawings when issuing permits for things as simple as decks or equipment sheds. In other cases, such as adding a second story or a sizable addition to a home, you may want to head straight to an architect . Talking to these companies can educate you on aspects of the process you may have overlooked otherwise.

3) Contractors

If you do opt to go with a contractor, keep in mind that the best price doesn’t necessarily equate the best deal. If you use someone without the proper licensing, you could end up in a lot of trouble. Check out CMHC’s Guide to Hiring a Contractor, and take the time to find well-reputed contractors in your area (on sites like HandyCanadian.com). Research is your best friend when heading into a renovation. The more you know, and the more prepared you are, the better equipped you’ll be should a bump in the road arise.