While you may think you’re avoiding a lot of problems by buying a new build, new construction properties still come with their share of hassles. Below are a few tips to ensure your home-buying experience is as stress-free as possible:Don’t take the floor plan as gospelIn most cases, the floor plan of your new home-to-be isn’t guaranteed to be what you get. Builders can change the layout or square footage of a plan without consulting you first – and there’s not much you can do about it. Your best bet for self-protection is to ask for a breakdown (in writing) of room sizes and plan details before signing on the dotted line. While you still won’t be able to prevent a builder from changing the layout at the last minute, the information may be able to get you out of the deal, or negotiate a lower price.

Negotiate upgrades

With new builds, you usually can’t negotiate the price tag on your home – but you can sometimes negotiate the price of upgrades. Before falling in love with the model home, be sure you understand what constitutes an upgrade – and then see how much you can haggle for the features you really want.

Get a lawyer

Those new construction contracts are typically full of legalese. Before you sign your life away, get a lawyer to look it over – so you know that it’s fair and you’re not signing your life away.

Hire a home inspector

Before your provincial warranty expires, it’s important to hire a professional home inspector to help you identify major material and labour defects after the house has “settled”. If you don’t, you could run into trouble down the road – and be forced to foot the bill yourself.

Buying a new home definitely has its advantages. Following the above tips will ensure you’ve minimized the risks as much as possible, so you can enjoy your new home for many years to come!