Must-have tools every homeowner should own

Hardware stores can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Whether you’ve bought your first home or have decided that 2013 is the year you become “handy”, below is a list of “starter” tools every homeowner should have on hand should a maintenance task arise:

1. Toolbox
2. Hammer
3. Pry bar
4. Vise grips
5. Needle-nose pliers
6. Screwdrivers (mixed set
7. Wire cutter/stripper
8. Tape measure (16-foot)
9. Reversible drill with bit set
10. 9-inch torpedo level

If you don’t feel like buying each of these tools individually, there are some great starter tool kits available that have everything you need – from screwdrivers to pliers to measuring tapes –  in one handy box. With the basics on hand, you can buy additional tools –  like hand saws or sanders – as the need arises, which might be a little easier on your wallet.