Helpful Household Tips

If you haven’t yet discovered the addictive qualities of Pinterest, we suggest you check it out. Whether you’re looking for interior design ideas, cool furniture makeovers or organizational tips, it’s definitely worth a look! Below are a few Pins (and websites) we found particularly interesting this month:
Thrift store shopping tips

If you’ve ever tried to uncover a stellar thrift store find, you know it’s a task that’s easier said than done. While it may come naturally to some, the rest of us could benefit from this list of 10 Thrift Store Shopping Tips.

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How to prevent a shoepocolypse

If you have a solid collection of shoes, chances are you’ve had to discover new and interesting ways to store them. If you’re out of inspiration, why not check out this list – 33 Clever Ways to Store your Shoes.

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Laundry rack DIY

These DIY projects are ideal for the energy conscious among us – or those of us who simply have too many delicates to deal with when laundry day approaches.

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