How to break your online shopping habit

Whether you’re saving for a down payment, paying off debts or simply trying to accelerate those mortgage payments, one thing is certain – you can’t afford to waste your discretionary income. While the occasional, pre-meditated online purchase is completely warranted (hey, everyone deserves a treat once in a while!), if those purchases are happening on a regular basis it may be time to curb them.

This video from Yahoo! Finance does a great job of offering useful tips for reigning in your online spending. One particularly useful tidbit? Don’t allow your computer to automatically save your credit card information on your favourite sites. It seems silly, but if you actually have to get up off the couch, rummage through your wallet and pull out your credit card, you’ll be less likely to make those impulse purchases.

Another interesting strategy — utilize the features in Google Chrome and other online programs to block your “danger” sites, or limit the time you spend on them. The less you absent-mindedly surf, the less likely you are to absent-mindedly shop.

What are your strategies for controlling your online spending?