Dealing with unwelcome visitors

When you buy a new home or apartment, a number of worries may cross your mind – did the inspector overlook something major? Will you like your new neighbourhood? Will your appliances stop working a month after moving in? One thing you might not think to worry about, however, is the presence of unwanted “visitors”?.

At some point in your lifetime, you’ll likely encounter them – household pests. Whether you’re faced with insects or rodents, they’ll be more than likely to cause you a lot of headaches – and gross you out, all at the same time.

So, what can you do to get rid of these unwanted visitors? Well, that depends on what they are – but in almost every case, the quicker you act, the better. The last thing you want them to do is multiply.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation offers a great all-in-one resource on how to deal with household pests – including how to prevent them in the first place.

The Natural Resource Defense Council also offers some tips for getting rid of unwanted guests, with some great suggestions for chemical-free strategies.

Has your home ever been inundated with unwanted pests? What was your experience like? What tips would you offer people in a similar situation?