Start fresh with every new move

Have you ever wished you could just get rid of all your old furniture and start fresh in a new home? Well, this article on says you can – and should. We’re not sure how realistic that is – and neither do the people in the comments section. What are your thoughts? Do you think this strategy could work?

Your dream home doesn’t live here

Ever search for a mid-century modern home in your city – or a Victorian, or a Spanish-style home from the 1920s – only to realize they don’t really exist where you live? This article in The Atlantic Cities does a great job of explaining why that is – and how different US cities experienced different building booms at different times. It also explains where you’d have to move to find a home in the style that you like.

Is pre-con all it’s cracked up to be?

Buying a newly constructed home definitely has its upsides – but it can come with hidden costs as well. This article explains why it’s important to have a lawyer look over your purchase and sale agreement before signing on the dotted line.