Freezer Cooking 101

As the weather gets colder, the desire for comfort foods increases. One plus side to this is that a lot of comfort foods – casseroles, soups and stews – are easily frozen and reheated at a later date. This is a positive for a number of reasons – not only is batch cooking convenient and cost-saving, but it also saves you the hassle of cooking when you come home from work, it’s already dark outside and all you want to do is curl up on the couch.

This article at the Pioneer Woman does a great job of outlining all the materials you need for successful batch cooking (large Ziplock bags and foil casserole dishes are on the top of her list). It also highlights a list of foods that are easily frozen. There are also countless “freezer cooking” ideas on Pinterest, if you’re looking for quick and delicious recipes.

Slow Cooker freezing is also a big thing right now. Basically, you do all your chopping and slicing ahead of time, put the ingredients in the freezer in freezer bags, and throw them all in the Slow Cooker when you’re ready for them (there are a few posts at Six Sisters Stuff that are full of Slow Cooker freezing ideas).

The one issue I had with this is, for this to work best, you have to thaw the frozen items the day before you plan to slow cook them. I’m terrible at remembering to thaw things out, so this really wouldn’t work for me. I’d much rather freeze some side dishes that don’t need to be pre-thawed, and put some meat in the slow cooker (or on the grill) for a main meal.