Summer is short, so it’s important to get out there and enjoy it! If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of it:

1. Figure out what’s most likely going to entice you to go outside – and be honest. If you hate bugs – and you hate eating outside because of them – don’t waste your money on an outdoor dining set, unless you’re able to somehow screen it in.
2. Set some money aside to purchase the items you really want. If you’re going to use your backyard more if you have comfy furniture to go along with it – go ahead and buy it! Love to barbeque? Spend a little more on the grill you want, if it means you’ll use it more. Just make sure you flag the funds ahead of time, save up, and don’t exceed your predetermined budget.
3. The difference is in the details. Sometimes, a bit of greenery – hanging baskets, potted gardens, some trellises with vines – is enough to transform a “blah” backyard into a place you actually want to hang out in. I’ve noticed area rugs, strings of lights, water features and fire pots can also make a world of difference.
4. Consider the whole family. Try to design your backyard in such a way that there’s something  in it for everyone in your family – a vegetable garden for the kids, comfy seating for the adults to enjoy a glass of wine, a place to entertain guests.

Once you’ve created your dream backyard, there’s only one thing to do – go outside and enjoy it!

What’s your favourite thing about your outdoor space?