We all need a change from time to time. When it comes to home décor, one of the easiest ways to achieve this is to move some furniture around! Below are some tips to achieve the perfect layout:

1.    Make the view front-and-centre. If your view is something to look at, let it take over! Try to avoid blocking it with furniture, and keep furnishings simple so your eye is drawn outside.
2.    Simplify. While it may be tempting to load a room full of furniture and knick-knacks, try to resist. Often, the less clutter, the better.
3.    Mirrors are your friends. Especially in small rooms…or rooms with nice views.
4.    Two in one. If you have a long, narrow room—like a bedroom—consider dividing it into two separate living areas (say, a sitting room and sleeping quarters).

What are your tips and tricks for arranging furniture?