I’m in the market for a new headboard. I’ve been perusing Kjiji, searching garage sale listings, even checking out online sales. I never once thought about making it myself. Until I came across Ana White.

This DIY site is quite amazing. There are projects organized according to difficulty level – starter, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each project comes with a list of supplies and detailed instructions. My one friend who has taken on an Ana White project said she went into Lowe’s, gave them the list of wood pieces required, and they cut them for her. She then took the wood home and assembled it, like you would a piece of Ikea furniture (with some hole-drilling added in).

I’m tempted to try it, even though assembling Ikea furniture drives me up the wall. That being said, it would be nice to have a high-quality headboard that I made myself.

What are your thoughts? For the non-DIYers out there, would this site convert you?