Everyone thinks that they have a beautiful home that is well cared for. What most people don’t realize is that you need to take the emotion and clutter out of your home. By doing this you allow the appraiser to come in and view the home on its merits.

It is important to clean and de-clutter your home as if you are going to sell it. The more you remove from your home and stage it in a particular manner will allow the appraiser to see clearly what they need to see. This will give an over-all view of a well maintained and cared for home.

You can often do some quick fixes. For example a fresh coat of paint on the walls will allow it to appear clean and fresh. Clean windows allow the light to come into your home in a manner that is more welcoming.

If your budget allows purchase some inexpensive fixtures to give it an updated look or look on line for some DIY fixes for existing fixtures. Pinterest can give you some great ideas and cost effective ones as well.

If you have a squeaking door, or cracked tiles, broken doorknobs get these fixed if possible. The appraiser will make notes of anything that is not 100% complete and it may impact their reaction to your property.

Ensure the outside of your home looks as great as the inside. In the summer time try to plant some bright flowers close to your home, ensure the kids toys are stored away neatly, and that the lawn has been mowed. If it is in the wintertime ensure that the snow has been cleared from the walkway. You need to prepare for the first impression the appraiser has is of outside of your home; if it isn’t great then this could impact the rest of the appraisal.

At the end of the day the appraisal is based on a number of things, curb appeal, the size and number of rooms in your home, square footage, finishing’s, what homes in the area are selling for and last but not least, that your home is well maintained and cared for.

Take the time before the appraisal and it could pay off big in the end!

Prepared by Cathy Okrafka