Guelph has made many headlines in the past year, and notably came top of the 2017 MoneySense Where to Buy Now list. Now Guelph has made it to the real estate headlines once again: local brokerage Champion Mortgage Inc. has been named Mortgage Brokerage of the Year (fewer than 25 employees) at the 2017 Canadian Mortgage Awards—an accolade that the City of Guelph has never before received in the history of the awards.

“It is truly an honour to be able to bring this award home to our head office in Guelph,” says Partner and Principal Broker Doug Adlam. “In our industry, this is like winning the Stanley Cup!”

Doug attributes the Champion team’s success to their core beliefs of always doing what’s right for their clients by helping them understand the difference in the fine print between mortgage options and aligning each client’s mortgage with their goals, plans, and risk tolerance. As Doug explains, “Most Canadians do not know the differences between mortgage lenders and products. We take an educational approach to mortgages, which significantly reduces our clients’ overall cost of borrowing.”

Early investment in technology and systems has helped the Champion team add a whole new level of service to their clients. From its proprietary mortgage management system to its annual mortgage reports, Champion has the technology that financial planners crave. “Essentially, we are the financial planners for mortgages. The unfortunate truth is that—with most brokerages or banks—once your mortgage is set up, no one looks at the mortgage again until renewal,” explains Partner and Agent Dylan Furlong. “That is not the case with Champion. We continue to review each mortgage on a regular basis. You would be surprised how often we are able to save people money before the end of their term.”

Champion’s business structure has also received much attention within the industry. Most mortgage companies in Canada comprise commissioned sales people acting mostly independently under the overall brokerage brand. Champion does things a little differently: its highly educated employees each have specific areas of specialty throughout the mortgage process. “Having amazing people who love what they do within our organization creates an atmosphere of excellence that our clients can really feel. At the end of the day, our collective approach to the mortgage process brings our clients elevated service and advice in comparison with the traditional model,” says Doug.

So, when you’re at the top, where do you go from there? Champion is committed to continuing to invest in technology enhancements to give its clients an even smoother experience and to add more value to their clients in the months to come. The team plans to stick to their vision of maintaining their current status as the benchmark of mortgage brokering in Canada and have challenged themselves to raise the bar once again.