Champion Mortgage Brokers Guelph, Milton & Mississauga

Mortgage Brokers in Guelph, Milton & Mississauga

Mortgage Brokers in Guelph and Milton

Doug Adlam, BComm, MSc
Mortgage Broker

Doug is an alumnus of the University of Guelph as both student and professor, and long-time resident of the city. As a mortgage broker, he has built a reputation for creative mortgage thinking, always looking for new ways to save his clients money. He is a strong communicator, invaluable in guiding clients through important mortgage decisions. As Director of Operations of Champion Mortgage, Doug constantly challenges the entire company to raise the bar for client satisfaction. Given his reputation and strong professional ethics, Doug also maintains an advisor position in CMHC‘s Broker Advisory Group.

Doug is an active supporter of many local and international Charities, and is a Rotarian with the Rotary Club of Guelph. Outside of the office Doug spends his time in the hockey rink and helping at the various events put on by Rotary for the local community.

Mortgage Brokers in Guelph and Milton

Dylan Furlong, BA Hons
Mortgage Agent

With an educational background in Economics and Political Science, Dylan has a strong understanding of the Canadian mortgage market and its financial systems; a solid foundation for his leadership role as Director of Sales. He uses his mortgage loan and sales expertise to great effect when supporting our professional mortgage managers in negotiating exceptional mortgage rates and mortgage loans for our clients. Dylan pushes the team to completely understand each client’s needs and goals and to secure the optimum mortgage loan for each situation. He is committed to helping our award-winning team build long-lasting relationships with every mortgage loan client.

Dylan is a native of Guelph and a former member of the Guelph Gryphons hockey team. He is also a keen fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Mortgage Brokers in Guelph and Milton

Cathy Okrafka, BA
Experience Manager / Agent

Cathy’s passion in life is people, as evidenced by her 25 years experience in customer service and client care. Even her degree (History and Geography) focused on people, their lives and their customs. Cathy is in charge of mortgage client relations for the Champion Mortgage Guelph office. She will make all your mortgage loan appointments, answer your phone calls about mortgage payments or appointments with your mortgage broker, and follow up with your lawyer on closing. Her primary goal is to make your mortgage loan experience smooth, relaxed, and enjoyable.

A great proponent of community involvement, Cathy has long volunteered on the board of the Rockton World’s Fair.

Cambridge, Ontario Mortgage Advisors

Noelle Gariepy, BA Hons
Credit Manager / Agent

A graduate of the University of Guelph, Noelle joined Champion Mortgage with the goal of helping Canadians make educated decisions in regards to home financing.  Noelle manages all of our mortgage and credit applications.  She works diligently with our lender partners to ensure a swift and smooth mortgage experience.

Noelle has traveled extensively across Canada and the globe—a natural partnership for her love of photography.

Kim Boehlke Mississauga Mortgages

Kim Boehlke, BA
Professional Mortgage Manager / Agent

With more than 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry, Kim is based out of our Mississauga office — her home community since 2002. Kim has worked as an investment advisor, a financial planner, and a financial advisor, as well as in financial-sector marketing. She has guided countless clients through the mortgage qualification, selection, and closing process and, on the other side of the coin, has sold mortgages as investment products. It’s safe to say she knows mortgages inside and out! Kim’s in-depth knowledge of the industry and her commitment to finding the ideal mortgage product in each situation make her a huge asset to our Mississauga area clients.

A keen snowboarder, Kim loves to see those first snowflakes fall each year!

Nick - Champion Mortgages

Nick Hishon
Professional Mortgage Manager / Agent

Nick’s dual roles at Champion play to one of his great strengths: relationship building. As part of our business development team, Nick builds relationships with other industry professionals—realtors, financial planners, home inspectors, lawyers—and is also involved in our efforts to provide mortgage and financial education to consumers. As a mortgage agent, Nick builds strong relationships with his clients, understanding that the better you know a person, the better you can find a mortgage to fit their needs. He applies his experience and keen interest in accounting and personal finance to help his clients secure homes and business properties … putting them well on the way to achieving many of their life goals.

When he’s not at work, Nick can mostly be found enjoying time with his family. Although you might also spot him on the ice, hockey stick in hand, or teeing off for a quick 18.