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Guelph Map


City of Guelph Links

The City of Guelph     City of Guelph

Visit for current information regarding the City of Guelph and what’s new around town.

Guelph Transit     Transit Guelph

Discover how to get around the City of Guelph with transit schedules, maps, and more.

Guelph Chamber of Commerce     Guelph Chamber of Commerce

Explore and connect with other local businesses, promote your business, and much more.

Downtown Guelph     Guelph Downtown

Experience Downtown Guelph through local businesses and community events.

Visit Guelph     Guelph Visit

Discover fun events and attractions to visit in the City of Guelph.

Stone Road Mall     Guelph Mall

Find store directory, hours, sales, and directions to Guelph’s primary shopping center.


Guelph Sports Links

Game On Sports and Entertainment

Get involved in a variety of fun local sports teams.

Perpetual Motion Sports and Entertainment

Volleyball, football, and soccer, are just a few of the many sports teams available to sign up for.

Guelph Storm     Guelph Hockey Team

Enjoy a fun night out watching the Guelph’s OHL hockey team.


Guelph News Links

The Guelph Mercury     Guelph Newspaper

Guelph’s daily newspaper will keep you updated on local news, sports, and events.

The Guelph Tribune     Guelph Tribune

Another great community newspaper reporting on local headlines, events, and sports.


Guelph Education Links

University of Guelph     Guelph University

Learn about the University of Guelph community and how to get involved.

Upper Grand District School Board     Guelph School Board

Visit for public school locations in Guelph and additional information.

Wellington Catholic District School Board     Guelph Catholic School Board

Visit to find Catholic school locations in Guelph and additional information.

Guelph Public Library     Guelph Library

Love to read? Visit this site to search the library, and find locations and events in Guelph.