Mortgage Lenders


Mortgage Lenders can provide cashAt Champion Mortgage Inc, our mortgage broker & agents work from Guelph, Mississauga & Milton, but we have access to over 50 mortgage lenders across Canada. Our mortgage lenders include major banks, trusts, credit unions, specialized mortgage lenders, and private lenders. All our mortgage lenders are licensed and regulated by their respective provincial and federal financial services commissions.

What is a specialized mortgage lender?

Specialized mortgage lenders are financial institutions that deal almost exclusively with mortgages. They offer similar products to the banks, but typically provide greater flexibility in terms of qualification and options. However, some specialized mortgage lenders now require borrowers to meet higher standards than those required by the banks. As a result, these lenders now offer highly competitive mortgage rates and products.

How a Mortgage Broker Leverages Specialized Mortgage Lenders

Your Guelph, Milton, or Mississauga mortgage broker uses specialized mortgage lenders to provide Canadians with more options and greater flexibility. Specialized mortgage lenders also create a competitive environment for mortgage rates. The majority of specialized mortgage lenders offer their great rates and products exclusively through mortgage brokers, such as Champion Mortgage Inc in Guelph, Mississauga, & Milton.

The experts at Champion Mortgage will help you determine which bank or other mortgage lender is offering the best available mortgage rate and options for your individual needs.

Our mortgage lenders include but are not limited to:

AGF Trust
Alberta Treasury Branch (ATB)
Assiniboine Credit Union
Bridgewater Bank
Canadiana Financial
CMLS Financial
Concentra Financial
Credit Union Atlantic
Envision Financial
Equitable Trust
First National Financial LP
FirstLine Mortgages
Home Trust
Laurentian Bank
Merix Financial
National Bank of Canada
Optimum Mortgage
ResMor Trust
Scotia Mortgage Authority
Servus Credit Union
TD Canada Trust
Xceed Mortgage Corp