Guelph, Milton, & Mississauga Mortgage Rates

Looking to get a mortgage in Guelph, Milton, Mississauga, or anywhere else in Canada?


The truth is, with all the changes to mortgage rules and policies since October 2016, all lenders have a very complex grid of rates factoring in your credit score, debt servicing, purpose (purchase, renewal, refinance) and down payment (or equity in your home).  Add to the fact that these rates change practically every day, more than ever you need a Professional Mortgage Broker you can trust to help select the right lender with the right rate for your situation.

You probably think you are looking for a mortgage rate, but the truth is, you should be looking for FAR MORE than just a mortgage rate – you need someone you can trust to help you understand the differences between mortgage lenders, products, features, and rates so you know what’s under the hood of the mortgage you are about to commit to.  You also need a trusted professional to help you throughout the process, and after you get your new mortgage until the day you pay off your mortgage, and all the times your life takes unexpected changes.  You need someone that has your back and will inform you when rules or markets change that could cost or save you money.

You need the award-winning, experienced, and trusted mortgage professionals at Champion Mortgage.

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In addition to rates, you will learn about:

  • Total monthly home ownership cost
  • Land transfer taxes
  • First time home rebates
  • Closing costs
  • Compare Multiple Scenarios
  • Affordability Calculations
  • Check out real time rates
  • and so much more


Still want to learn more before meeting with one of our professionals?

That’s fine we have tons of great information posted online just for you! We recommend taking a look at our Ultimate Home Buyers guide or taking a browse at our general knowledge base found here .