Thank you for officially registering for the Champion Client Appreciation Program and Good Luck!

WANT MORE CHANCES TO WIN? Every time you do one of the following you get an additional entry into the draw:

  1. Introduce us to a friend, family member, colleague or acquaintance (once we have actually had a meeting with them you get an entry)
  2. If someone you introduce gets a mortgage with us, you get an extra entry and they also get an entry as they have become a client!
  3. Click here to get an instant additional entry by writing a review about us on our Google+ page
  4. Click here to get an instant additional entry by writing a review about us on our Facebook page
  5. Click here to get an instant additional entry by writing a review about us directly on our Website
  6. Do something else awesome that our team appreciates and we will reward you with an additional entry!



Q: I have already completed a review – does that count?

A: Absolutely! As soon as you have completed the Entry and Release form, we will put in your ballots.

Q: What if both my partner and I complete a review online?

A: If you complete one review together, it counts as one entry. If you each complete a review, then you get two entries

Q: What if more than one person introduces someone to Champion? (Yes – this happens all the time)

A: Each person introducing gets an entry

Q: What’s the best way for me to introduce someone to Champion?

A: Tell them you are going to give their number to us and we will call them, OR send them an email and CC us on it telling them they need to talk to us.

Q: I can’t seem to post a review on your Google+ page

A: You need a gmail account and have to be logged-in to be able to post reviews on Google+, it is very easy to set up a gmail account.  You don’t even have to ever use it again, but you will need it anytime you make a review on Google+

Q: What if I post an anonymous review?

A: Your review will not earn you an entry

Q: Do all the ballots get pulled out after the draw, or does my entry ballot stay in until for the whole year?

A: Your entry ballots will stay in for the whole year.

Q: What if my ballot wins? Does it get put back into the draw?

A: If you win one of our random prizes, your ballot goes back into the draw for the Cash Prize. If you win a Cash Prize, your ballot is removed from the draw.

Q: How many reviews can I do on Google+, Facebook, and your website review system?

A: Just one for each: 1 on Google+, 1 on Facebook, and 1 on our website review system