Required Identification Documents

Champion Mortgage Inc. requires two pieces of ID for every applicant for whom we request a mortgage. 
The following ID guidelines must be met:

2 items from List A
1 item from List A and 1 item from List B

List A:

  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Certificate of Canadian Citizenship
  • Permanent Resident Card or Citizenship and Immigration form
  • Canadian Armed Forces ID
  • NEXUS Card/FAST Express Card
  • A document or card issued by either a provincial or federal government that contains both a photo and signature

List B:

  • Birth Certificate issued in Canada
  • Certificate of Indian Status issued by the Government of Canada
  • Old Age Security Card issued by the Government of Canada
  • Signed Bank Card
  • Signed Credit Card
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN) Card

Health Cards: Health cards cannot be requested nor used as ID in Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec, and PEI, but may be used under List B in any of the other provinces or territories.

Copy Quality: Clear photocopies or scans must be taken of the front (and back in the case of double sided cards and documents) of each identification document.  Dark or illegible copies are not accepted.

Originals: Each identification document original must be viewed by a team member at Champion Mortgage Inc. if possible.  If not possible, both the lender and solicitor involved in any potential transaction will be notified in writing of this fact and the solicitor will be responsible for confirming Identification.  Where a solicitor is not involved in the transaction, a representative from a title company such as First Canadian Title or FNF Canada will be assigned to confirm the identity of the borrower in person prior to closing.