Jennifer Gignac

Jennifer Gignac

Mortgage Associate

Address: ​649 Scottsdale Dr suite 400, ​Guelph, ​Ontario
Phone: 1-877-341-1299 ext 100


My Role at Champion

Jennifer started in the financial services industry directly out of the University of Guelph, she has worked on both the investment and lending sides of the business. As a mortgage associate Jennifer assists Dylan Furlong with handling client documentation and managing the mortgage process with clients and lenders. Jennifer assists with bringing the best options forward and supporting clients through both online and traditional applications. Jennifer works directly with both real estate agents and lawyers to ensure all client information is available and accurate.

Community Involvement

Jennifer was born and raised in Guelph and completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph. Jennifer enjoys playing music (piano and guitar) and volunteers her talents at her children's elementary school. Jennifer helps other starting musicians through private lessons across a variety of instruments.

Advice and Insights

Work with a mortgage specialist to refine your goals and understand your largest assets. Understanding you options as soon as possible will help shape your families future. Having a specialist on your side will help you to find the best options specifically tailored to your lifestyle.

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