Mary Buzmion

Mary Buzmion

Mortgage Associate

Address: ​649 Scottsdale Dr suite 400, ​Guelph, ​Ontario
Phone: 1-877-341-1299 ext 101

Mary Buzmion Champion Mortgage Associate in Guelph

My Role at Champion

With years of experience in the mortgage industry and customer service, Mary plays a key role managing both client and partner relationships. Working directly with Nick Hishon, Mary helps clients across a variety of services with the goal of providing assistance through the mortgage application process. Mary will make all your mortgage loan appointments, answer your phone calls about mortgage payments or appointments with your mortgage agent, and follow up with your lawyer on closing.

Community Involvement

Mary moved to Guelph from Mississauga 2 years ago and fell in love with the city. In her free time Mary loves exploring different local businesses, hiking and sightseeing.

Advice and Insights

There are lots of requirements and options when purchasing a house and it can be overwhelming. Do some research and always ask questions and get recommendations from a professional.

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