Tina Primorac

Tina Primorac

Mortgage agent | Team Lead Underwriting

Address: ​649 Scottsdale Dr suite 400, ​Guelph, ​Ontario
Phone: 1-877-341-1299 ext 102

My Role at Champion

Tina is a licensed mortgage agent and the team lead of underwriting. Tina maintains an active role in understanding the lending landscape and the changing regulations passed down from the Canadian Federal Government. Underwriters ensure all documentation is accurate and correct for each borrower’s unique lifestyle and financial situation.

Tina is the first line of defence in fraud protection and ensures all applicants meet the standards of Champion’s lenders.

Community Involvement

Tina joined the Champion team in 2019, in her past she has helped women at risk with Habitat for Humanity house building program (2017). Tina also supports Wellspring Oakville a support house for families with a loved one living with cancer.

During the Christmas holidays Tina volunteers at Good Shepard in Hamilton.

Advice and Insights

Plan ahead, take 10% of every paycheck and set it aside for a rainy day. Saving a little bit (even if it's small) consistently grows very quickly.