Why you need a Mortgage Broker

Why you need a Mortgage Broker in Guelph, Milton, or Mississauga

Mortgage Brokers Mississauga Ontario


Your mortgage broker in Guelph, Milton or Mississauga can help you find the best mortgage for you. Here are a few benefits to working with a Mississauga, Milton, or Guelph mortgage broker.

Mortgage Brokers Find the Best Mortgage Rates

Mortgage brokers strive to get you the best mortgage rate on the market. (There are over 300 rates* on the Canadian market.) Whether you’re in Guelph, Milton, or Mississauga, your mortgage broker will often have access to better mortgage rates with your bank than you do.

Mortgage Brokers Don’t Charge Fees

Mortgage brokers don’t charge a fee for their mortgage expertise, as they are compensated by the mortgage lender based on the mortgage amount and term. (A fee may be charged by your mortgage broker in special situations, such as if you have poor credit).

Mortgage Brokers Have Access to Many Mortgage Lenders

Whether you live in Mississauga, Milton, or Guelph, your mortgage broker has access to multiple mortgage lenders across Canada. These mortgage lenders include the major banks, specialized mortgage lenders, and trust companies. There are over 50 mortgage lenders in Canada – so you can take advantage of mortgage products outside of Guelph, Milton, and Mississauga.

Mortgage Brokers Provide Expert Mortgage Advice

Your Champion mortgage broker can guide you toward the best fixed-rate mortgage or variable-rate mortgage products available. Your mortgage broker will also recommend which mortgage product is the best for you. Fixed- and variable-rate mortgage products are not the same at each bank, and your mortgage broker can shop them all for you.

Mortgage Brokers Offer Expert Mortgage Negotiation

Mortgage brokers save you time and money, and protect your credit rating, by negotiating your mortgage on your behalf with the 50+ Canadian banks and mortgage lenders.

Mortgage Brokers are Service-Oriented

A Champion mortgage broker takes the time to explain the details of your mortgage, including the privileges, conditions, and penalties associated with it.

Mortgage Brokers Offer Great Mortgage Privileges

Mortgage brokers have access to mortgage products with greater pre-payment privileges than you will find at most banks in Guelph, Milton, or Mississauga. This helps you pay down your mortgage quicker and saves you interest.

Mortgage Brokers Are Motivated to Serve You

Mortgage brokers are motivated to provide you with the best service and options available, as they rely on mortgage client referrals for future business to their mortgage brokerage.

Mortgage Brokers Find Mortgages with Low Penalties

Mortgage brokers have access to mortgage products that offer lower penalties for paying out your mortgage early. This is compared with penalties charged by most banks in Guelph, Milton, or Mississauga.

Mortgage Brokers Offer Powerful Mortgage Products

Mortgage brokers have access to many powerful mortgage products that are only available through specialized mortgage lenders. These mortgage lenders deal exclusively with mortgage brokers, such as Champion Mortgage in Guelph, Milton, and Mississauga.

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* There are over 300 mortgage options and mortgage products on the market when considering the major banks, trusts, credit unions, and mortgage companies.  This statistic treats similar mortgage products as different products (or rates) whether or not the same rate is being offered.