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Get the Ultimate Mortgage Handbook

This 16 page, full-colour, illustrated mortgage guide is a crash course in how to shop for a mortgage; plus we’ll include smart buyer tips that could save you thousands of dollars off your mortgage.

Covered in the Ultimate Mortgage Handbook

Here’s what you’ll discover when you download the Guide:

How to get started

    • Finding information & building your house-hunting team

The Approval Process

    • What you need & what to expect

Qualifying Guidelines

    • What types of income counts in qualifying? You might be surprised.
    • How current debt affects your qualification status – and how to take control

Improving Your Current Situation

    • Simple secrets to improving your credit – more than just paying your bill each month!
    • How to use an RRSP to your advantage

Types of Mortgages

    • Find out how choosing the right type of mortgage could save you thousands of dollars and years off your mortgage
    • Discover secrets to saving money, beyond finding the best mortgage rate

The Mortgage Term

    • Discover the secret of altering your payment schedule to save one month of mortgage payment each year
    • Learn about cash back incentives

Mortgage Insurance

    • What it is, if you need it, and how it can help you get a lower mortgage rate

What to do if you don’t fit “Traditional” Guidelines

    • Tips for making your plan of action

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