Home Buyer Success Plan

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With all the years of experience we have in helping Canadians buy homes, we developed the Home Buyer Success Plan to help Canadians make the right choices in regards to all aspects of the home buying process.

Our Home Buyer Success Plan has several optional components:

  1. 30 minute Success Workshop: This hands-on workshop is designed to help you get prepared for buying a home.  It is taught by one of our mortgage professionals, and takes place in the intimate environment of our Guelph Office.  By attending this workshop you will learn:
    1. What it takes to have a good credit score, and how to improve your credit
    2. What banks are looking for on your credit report
    3. How much of a down payment you will need, how to save, and government programs can help you save money faster
    4. What costs to expect on a monthly basis
    5. An overview of the home buying process
    6. Just for attending, you will be provided the opportunity for a complimentary Credit Score analysis by one of our professionals ($299 value)
  2. Mortgage Affordability: Getting pre-approved for a mortgage doesn’t mean you can afford it.  Our mortgage professionals are trained to help you find a price range that will fit your budget, and allow you to still live your life.  One of our professionals will meet with you one-on-one to help you determine exactly what is affordable for you.
  3. Canadian Home Customization Plan: Get up to $40,000 towards customizing your new home! Champoin Mortgage is an accredited Canadian Home Customization Plan mortgage brokerage.  For more details about this program, please view our Canadian Home Customization Plan page.
  4. Inflation Hedge Mortgage Strategy:  Worried about rates going up, and your mortgage payments going up?  Well so are we, so we invested in providing the Inflation Hedge Mortgage Strategy to protect our clients from the shock of a higher mortgage payment when rates rise.  The full details of this strategy will be presented to you by one of our mortgage professionals.
  5. Road map to success: When you purchase a home, there are many professionals you will need along the way.  After starting with your mortgage professional, you will need the assistance of a real estate agent, a home inspector, and a lawyer – and that’s just to start.  We help guide you down the right path to ensure you have access to the top professionals in the industry so that your overall experience is one that is actually fun, low stress, and positive.

Our Home Buyer Success Plan combines many of our programs and strategies to ensure you make all the right decisions when it comes to buying a home.  We are truly experts when it comes to helping people buy homes – we take the time to ensure you know all of your options, and to help you make the right decisions along the way.  To sign up for a complementary workshop (Yes – we put them on for free!) or to learn more about any aspect of our Home Buyer Success Plan, call us today!